Why You Should Do Your Auto Part Shopping With a Used Parts Distributor

All cars have parts that break down over time, even if you do your best to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Eventually, the day will come when you will be looking to replace one or more auto parts. While there may be some advantages to buying directly from an official dealer, more and more car owners are turning to used auto part shops and distributors to get what they need. Here's why you might want to contact a local used auto part distributor the next time you need to replace one or more car parts.

More Selection Than Your Auto Dealer or the Local Mechanic Can Provide

When you buy direct from an official auto dealer, you typically have to pay full retail price for the one specific part that the dealer says you need. There usually aren't multiple options available when buying new. Contrast that with a used part dealer, where you might be able to purchase not just an official used part but also a number of third-party or aftermarket options. These additional choices may help you save money or customize your vehicle the way you see fit. A used auto parts distributor tends to have the largest selection of parts, more so than even a local mechanic.

Cost Savings Can Add Up Over Time

Sure, you only need one part right now, and the cost savings between buying new and used this time might not be too dramatic. But seeking out a solid used parts distributor is about saving money for the future and not just right now. If you start sourcing all of your part replacements from a used distributor today, those cost savings will surely continue to climb as time goes on and you find yourself seeking out more and more parts. You may one day in the future look back on the last 5 years and suddenly realize that you've saved a significant amount of money by finding the right local used parts distributor.

Every Used Part You Put in Your Car Is One Less Part in a Landfill

Choosing to buy auto parts from a used part distributor is also a great way to help the environment. Every time you purchase used, you are doing what you can to keep at least one part out of a local landfill. When you replace with a used part, you are also keeping the new parts at the official dealer on the shelf, and that means that the car manufacturer won't be making a new one to replace the one you just bought. If more people would do this, it could lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases due to less manufacturing.

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