Getting The Right Parts For Your VW Bus

Replacement parts for vintage vehicles can be challenging to find, but there are some options available to you if you are willing to use parts from a third party manufacturer. VW type 2 bus replacement parts may still be available if you have a newer vehicle, but if you are dealing with one that has been out of production for a while, you may find you have limited sources.

New Parts 

For many people, buying parts for a car, truck, or van means going to the dealer and buying new parts that are a direct replacement for the ones on the vehicle. There are times when the dealer does not have the parts, and your best option is to find a third-party vendor that carries the type 2 VW bus parts that fit your model and year.

The biggest concern with these third-party parts is if they will fit properly on your vehicle. Many times the parts from manufacturers trying to recreate OE (original equipment) parts are not as accurate, and some tolerances may be off. This can cause the part to fit, but often not as well as the original part, so it is crucial that you check the original and match it up when buying a replacement part. 

Finding Replacement Parts

One of the best places to look for type 2 VW bus replacement parts is online or in catalogs published by the vendors that carry the parts. Most dealers that have websites will list the parts, the price, and include images of the parts to get an idea of what you are getting.

Read the description for the part entirely to be sure that the part is the right one and does what you need it to do. Often if there are several options for the part you are seeking, the description will list the differences, so it is vital that you don't skip over that, assuming that you have the right part. 

Check the description to verify that the part will fit the year VW bus that you own as well. Since the VW type 2 was made for many years, some parts are interchangeable over many models, but some are not, so it is essential to check the dates.

Return Policies

Check with the vendor that you are buying VW type 2 bus parts to see if they have a return policy. It is critical to be able to return the part if the one you ordered does not fit your bus. Most companies will allow it if you have not installed the part, but check the policy so that you are clear on the terms before you order your parts. 

For more information on type 2 VW bus parts, talk to a supplier today.

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