Ready To Sell Your Old Clunky Junky Car For Cash: Know The Value First

If you have an old unwanted car that has been sitting in your driveway for a long time, the tires are deflated and it doesn't run, it's time to cash in on this hunk of metal taking up space. This vehicle could be an easy way to get some cash quickly.

There are people that drive around and place ads to buy old unwanted cars, and they do the prep work and take the vehicles to the scrap yards. Here are a few things to know.

Check the Classified and Auto Sales Ads

Browse through the different listings for vehicles and see if there is anything similar to your vehicle in year, condition and model or make. If there is, you can see what the list price is and decide if you should sell the vehicle. If there is nothing to compare, this may indicate there is no market, and find an old car buyer, such as Pick-A-Part Jalopy Jungle, instead.

Know What Your Auto Parts are Worth

The unwanted vehicle may have multiple parts that are worth money, not just the scrap for the body of the vehicle. If you want to sell components that are still in working condition like a transmission or motor, or valuable metal found in the catalytic converter, work this out in the deal.

Your vehicle will be worth more if you have the title because the scrap car buyer won't have to do prep work before it's scrapped. Find out these financial details before accepting a price.

Ask the Scrap Car Buyer for Cash

The scrap car buyer will give you a proposal for your vehicle. Ask buyer what amount of cash they will give you for the vehicle. Call more than one buyer and confirm that the purchase priced agreed upon will be delivered at the time of pick up in cash, and pick who will give you the most amount of money.

Taking the time to get photos of the vehicle, post it on an auto sales site, and then show the interested buyers the vehicle can be exhausting and inconvenient. If you just let someone come to the house and tow it away, and give you cash, this will be one of the easiest options you can explore. There are different people that are willing to do this because they do it for a living or often, so make sure you get the best price.

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