Working With A Service Center For Your Truck Fleet

Keeping your fleet of trucks on the road is critical to keeping your company working. Whether you are carrying freight for other companies or have a fleet of trucks for your own company, the service and parts for your trucks needs to be ready and available when you need them. 

Finding a Service Company

When you start to consider service companies for your truck fleet, you need to take some things into consideration. The location of the service company and the area your trucks operate in need to mesh. If you have a service shop near your company or depot, you can have most of the work done when the trucks are in town, but if you have a breakdown on the road, you need a plan to deal with that. 

Some truck service companies can handle the service and repairs anywhere your truck is, but they are few and far between. If your trucks make more local runs, that might not be a concern, but take some time and talk with the service company to get a feel for what they can offer you and if they are a good fit for your service and parts needs. 

Parts Availability

When you are working with a company that will provide the service for your trucks and the parts, you need to know that they are going to have the parts available. If your truck is down for a week waiting on parts, you are losing money, and while there are times this is unavoidable, the service company must understand the urgency of keeping your trucks rolling. 

When you are considering working with a service company, make sure to ask what they typically stock for parts, and if they have to source something for the truck, what the average wait time is. For some companies, it is as simple as calling the local dealer and getting the parts sent over, but the location of the shop and the proximity to a dealer can affect that time. 

Towing Services

Another thing you may want to consider when choosing a company for your truck service needs is towing services. If the company you are working with does not offer to tow your trucks, the time spent coordinating a tow truck and getting your truck to the right service center can be longer. 

Be sure to discuss the towing situation and whether or not the company has a tow company they work with regularly, and how that relationship extends to clients of the service company.

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