3 Advantages Of Sticking With A Carburetor For Your Classic Car

Modern cars are no longer manufactured with carburetors, but for those who own a classic sports cars or older model vintage cars, having a vehicle with a carburetor comes with a lot of advantages. While it is possible to replace an older vehicle's carburetor with a more modern electronic fuel injection system, most car enthusiasts see no reason to do so. For those who have performance engines in their automobiles, a carburetor still does a great job mixing air and fuel within the engine so it can combust properly. Some of the top benefits of having a carburetor in a classic car instead of changing to an electronic fuel injection system include the following.


If you own a classic car, it most likely no longer has the original carburetor. A carburetor does not last forever, and it has to be replaced just like any other auto part that wears out. The good news is that there are many aftermarket carburetors available for sale, and the even better news is that they are very affordable. If you need to replace the carburetor on your classic car and you are on the fence about whether you should switch to an electronic fuel injection system, keep in mind that a carburetor costs substantially less to buy.


One of the reasons why electronic fuel injection systems became the norm for most cars on the road today is that they can be used with all types of engines, even those that don't have a lot of horsepower. However, what works for the masses does not necessarily mean that it is a good choice for a classic vehicle with a high-performance engine. Cars of today differ from cars of the past in many ways, including engine power. If you have a classic car with a performance engine and you want the best performance, sticking with a carburetor is your best option.

Ability to Tune

Many car lovers grow up learning how to work on automobiles, and this includes tuning a carburetor. One of the great things about tuning a carburetor is the fact that it can be done with just a wrench and a screwdriver if a person has a little bit of skill. This is not possible with an electronic fuel injection system — if you want to tune an electronic fuel injection system, you will need specialized equipment and tools, as well as access to a computer. Most people love the simplicity of a carburetor for their classic car.

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